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There's a reason this hashtag has been used for so many years now, because just when you think the message is getting through this happens:

Visual Description: A navy sign with white lettering. Boots is emblazoned across the top, followed by “Less Abled Parking” followed by the international access sign.

Even a passing glance would tell you that this is wrong. LESS, that's what Boots decided to call me and their other disabled customers.

Disabled is not a bad word and the sooner everyone who isn't disabled gets their heads round that, the better.

No the word isn't perfect, but it is enshrined in law. It's protected. It sums up our predicament. No euphemisms needed.

I can go weeks without feeling disabled by something, and then the people at Boots come along and punch the air out of my lungs.

Honestly it took me TWO WEEKS to calm down enough to write this blog, to attempt not to rant, and to not fill the universe with more anger and swear words.

I'm not differently abled, my needs are not special, and I am definitely not LESS.


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